Leading solution provider in

EV charging management

for residential and commercial spaces

Providing best in class solution for electric vehicle charging for residential and commercial spaces

1-Time Replacement Guarantee

Market-leading 3-Year service and product commitment to the customers

Compatible Adapters

Support for all EV connectors provided in the form of adapters

Portable Charging Network

All customers can avail of Quick-eV's portable EVSE network

Designed and developed for dedicated and shared EV chargers


Search for your parking space and select the charging station

Charge your vehicle

Plug-in your vehicle and start charging

Set Up Automatic Payments

Automatic monthly payments using Credit Cards, Netbanking, PayPal, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we start?

Simply contact us with a high-level summary of your project. Our team will quickly get back to you. We will set up a time to assess your project and provide you with a plan.

Our residents are buying their Teslas and Volts on a weekly basis. We need a solution quickly. How long from start to finish?

The timeline depends on the scope of your project. But, our unique solution along with our experienced engineering team provides the fastest solution in the market. We estimate the work within a few days and installation is done between 2 to 10 days depending on the scope. Once the installation is complete, we onboard your residents immediately.

Do you work with builders for installation in new buildings and premises?

Yes, indeed. In fact, we are an all-in-one solution for your EV charging needs. From engineering to installation and ongoing charge management, we provide an affordable yet high-quality solution for new buildings.

Do we need to worry about city permits?

Depending on your project, you may need a permit from the city. Nothing to worry, if you do. Our engineers will do the engineering designs and obtain all the necessary approvals before the installation begins.

I am a resident in a building complex. Do I contact you or the building management (or HOA) to get my charger?

Both. Contact your management and also send us a brief note. We will work with your building management and/or HOA to provide a quick solution that works for you and the other interested residents.

I am a property manager, do I have to manage customers' billing?

No. Quick-eV makes it hassle-free for the property managers and manages the customers' billing on their behalf. Quick-eV provides the view for the property managers to see the usage.

What are some of the benefits of Quick-eV?

Quick-eV solutions are configurable to the customers' needs. We not only manage the customer billing but also handle end-to-end billing which also involves paying the electricity providers like MSEDCL in India and Southern California Edison in the U.S. Quick-eV makes charging in apartments, shared communities easier by making it a one-stop-shop solution for the customers.

How do I (or our residents) pay for the electricity consumed during charging?

Quick-eV supports a wide range of payment options like credit card systems (in India and the U.S.), PayPal (in the U.S.), Netbanking (in India and the U.S.). An invoice is generated each month based on your electricity consumption which can be paid by logging into your Quick-eV account.

How do we contact you?

Please contact us at info@quick-ev.com or send us your request using the contact form below.
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Providing best in class solution for electric vehicle charging for residential and commercial spaces